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How we help

Guide and Delight

How we help

Guide and Delight

Guide your decisions and
delight your clients.
That’s what our A.I.s are made to do.

We operationalize data 
and scale A.I. programs across your organization.

With equitable (non-biased) algorithms, 
our A.I.s benefit both
the institution and the individual.

Three Ways our A.I.s
Guide and Delight

Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing
Predictive Modelling

Deep Learning

Seeing Hidden Opportunities

There’s a data lake out there. It’s a resource for deep understanding. Our venturous algorithms are designed for unsupervised learning, which reveals otherwise indiscernible patterns in your data. This helps you evaluate the current state, and plan with foresight.

Meanwhile our virtuous algorithms are crafted for supervised learning, to answer specific business questions with rich, new insights that were previously unavailable. And this helps your financial institution pivot and perform with agility.

Let us show you how.

Natural Language Processing

Reaching Your Clients

Did you know the sentence you’re reading right now is written at a grade 7 school level — 7.6 to be precise? It’s a quantified fact. There are data in words. Your clients and you are talking all the time, out loud and silently. It’s a back-and-forth with increasing data points across myriad channels on many devices. The trick is to hear the signal that’s in the noise. The reward is a profound understanding of the financial market, your clients, and how well your employees are serving them. The data is right there, ready to be crawled, understood and recombined, whether we’re analyzing sentiment or measuring risk. With our Natural Language Processing we find hidden meaning, which you can use to deepen client relationships. (Oh, and that last sentence? Grade 9.)

Let’s talk data.

Predictive Modelling

Developing Brand Loyalty

When does a client need immediate attention? About what?
Who wants a particular financial feature?
What employee can use support? And when?

Our uplift modelling answers these kinds of questions, even before they’re asked. It’s designed to enhance your customer relationship management. But our modelling doesn’t stop at cross-sell, up-sell and churn triggers. Our designs give you more: the strategy to deepen brand loyalty by anticipating a client’s desires and using the data to serve their best interests, way ahead of time.

Want to look ahead?

Insights as a Service

Using cloud technology powered by PureFacts, we’ve built a system that operationalizes your data. Because it’s cloud-based, Insights as a Service integrates securely with your I.T. infrastructure and scales easily across your organization. It’s on-demand A.I. that places all our data science at your fingertips. It’s A.I. you can use, on your terms, to guide your decisions and delight your clients, responsively and in real time.

Let’s talk about
our on-demand A.I.

And how it helps you guide and delight.
The machines are tickled just thinking about it.

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