Internet advertising giants like Google and Facebook have long used machine learning to fuel their ad auctioning engines. Now the A.I. world is set to reshape the creativity process, with algorithms being used to do everything from write ad copy, manage and optimize marketing budgets, understand customer needs, and measure brand perception. This applies as much to financial institutions as it does to consumer products.

  • Targeted Promotions & Cross-sells
    Deep learning allows companies to predict which customers are most likely to accept which promotions & opportunities. This allocates limited marketing resources and customer attention to where it will produce effective results.
  • Deep Customer Insights
    Data from social media is married with proprietary custom insights to truly understand customers. What motivates them, what distinguishes them, how do they feel about our products and services, and how do we create meaningful customer segments.
  • Personalization that builds brand loyalty
    Meaningful understanding of customers allows algorithms to surface and recommend content that is truly relevant to customers, keeping them engaged with the brand. Content delivery can be tailored to the channels where it will be effective to each individual customer. 
  • Market Analysis
    A.I. can read companies public statements, automatically pull out highlights and write analysis of businesses performance. Research teams are relieved of unproductive analysis and can focus their effort where it delivers value for F.I.s.

As A.I. technology continues to progress, we may see it increasingly penetrate the creative side of marketing – such as designing promotions, creating the graphic design of an advertising campaign, or even setting high level strategies. Nvidia’s recent, breathtaking work on GauGAN illustrates just how much the creative process can change with the power of AI. Although the work is early, it hints at a future where we might be able to describe what we want to a computer, and have a complete advertising campaign appear before our eyes.

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